Mary Keating

Who will save us all?

Jordan McQueen on

On zombie days when Buddha sleeps
and karma seems to pause
the world lies deep in murky haze
obscuring sacred laws

On zombie days when Buddha sleeps,
the fortune-monger thrives
and peddlers sell their souls for keeps
endangering all our lives

On zombie days when Buddha sleeps
and countries fall astray

Help give back to a firefighter

Photo from Lester’s daughter in law

I’m asking all my followers to pray for a family member and ask everyone you know to do the same!

Lester was a firefighter for over thirty years and put his life in danger to save lives. Now we can help save his.

Prayers work even if you don’t know the person. Lester needs a miracle. He had a stroke and isn’t doing well. Please take a moment and imagine a healing light flowing through him and then imagine him completely healed. Keep that image in your head. Thank God for having healed him!!

We have been asking everyone we know to pray. The family sees a difference. Prayer is powerful.

Thank you.

Mary Keating

Mary Keating

Poet, lawyer, disability advocate, writer, wheelchair rider, dog lover. Ripping off the labels to see anew. (@mmarywords)